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Dick Jones talks about the return of the 50 Below Club

What is a dive club for in this day and age. Is it still relevant? For many of the long time divers in the Splash Water Sports family, the 50 Below Club was our central focus for diving activities. The club provided a venue to meet other divers, see and discuss dive destinations, and plan local activities.

Many of us made lifelong friends at 50 Below, some still dive with Splash some are just friends. When you are at 50 below you aren’t a doctor, plumber, or old retired guy, you are a diver with knowledge and experiences to share. There is usually someone in the room who has been where you have questions about, or just answers to your questions, on diving.

At a club meeting you are getting information from real people not anonymous sources on the internet. So come on back to the 50 Below you past participants and welcome to new ones.

I will be doing a presentation on Jeff Mazzetti and My live-aboard on Lost Island Voyages in the Bahamas, and our resent trip to Bonaire. Had I known I would be doing this I would have been more careful about remembering all the parts for my cameras, but we will do our best.

On lost Island we spent 10 days sailing on a live-aboard to parts of the Bahamas rarely seen, hence the name. Many of the dive sites were not in sight of land, and most not in sight of inhabited land. Our captain knew places to dive that only he had markers on it was very interesting and brought back a sense of adventure I hadn’t felt in a while.

We did 3-4 dives a day and several night dives. On Bonaire we stayed at an different resort the Divi, which despite its name is based out of Charlotte NC. The diving was great, with many of the group doing their shore diving from trucks in the afternoon as well as the boat dives. It was a great group of people and a wonderful trip. Look forward to sharing it with you, Dick Jones.



Splash Water Sports first 50 Below meeting of 2017.


Rockefeller’s Grille – Banquet Room

1831 McKees Rocks Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


When:  Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – 7pm if want to get there prior to the show to order some Dinner, 8pm – Showtime!!


For more details call Splash Water Sports at 412-531-5577 or email us at



Anthony’s Key Resort – Roatán, Honduras February 2018

Splash Water Sports Dive Trip

Anthony’s Key Resort – Roatán, Honduras February 3-10, 2018

Price – Key Superior Diver: $2,195

Upgrade: $100 for King Deluxe ONLY


Roatán is one of the three main islands that composes the Bay Islands: Guanaja, Utila, and Roatán. It is located 30 miles off the Northern coast of Honduras (840 miles from Miami).
Roatánis famous for its diving. Set along the second largest barrier reef in the world, divers can enjoy countless dive sites minutes from the resort. Walls, pinnacles and coral gardens abound in Roatán with marine life ranging from tiny flamingo tongue snails to large black tipped reef sharks. On land, Roatan is covered with coconut trees and man-groves along white sand beaches.
Anthony’s Key Resort retains an intimacy with its surroundings that is reminiscent of a peaceful island village. Charming, wooden bungalows dot the resort’s palm studded hillside and rim its shimmering lagoon. Reached by a brief boat ride from the resort’s main grounds, the tiny islet that is its namesake features more private bungalows and spectacular ocean vistas.




Package Includes:

  • Roundtrip Airfare from Pittsburgh to Roatan*
  • Roundtrip Airport/Hotel Transfers
  • 7 Nights Accommodations at the Anthony’s Key Resort
  • Full American Meal Plan (3 Meals Daily)
  • 6 Days of 3 single tank boat dives per day & 2 single tank boat night dives per week
  • Buoyancy control workshop
  • Shore diving during shop hours
  • Tanks, Weights and Weight Belts
  • Day excursion to Maya Key
  • Island Fiesta Night
  • Use of ocean kayaks
  • Hotel Taxes and service charges
  • Group Escort

Package Excludes:

  • Beverages
  • Nitrox
  • Personal Dive Equipment
  • Gratuities
  • Departure Tax (Approximately $46 USD per person)
  • Trip Cancellation / Dive Insurance

*Note: Airline taxes and fuel surcharges are subject to change until tickets are issued.


$250 Non-Refundable deposit to hold space

$972.50 due 8/15/17
$972.50 due 10/15/17
All money paid is non-refundable.
Trip insurance is recommended.


Sign up for more information about this trip or call Splash Water Sports at (412) 531-5577.

Word Verification:

Thank you for choosing Splash Watersports as your escort to Roatan. Our contacts in this area make us the number one choice for a dive trip to this area. You will be treated to nothing but first class service. We realize that this is your vacation, and we are very serious about making it an unforgettable experience. We will make all the necessary arrangements for you, so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy the trip. We also provide a group escort, someone who is an experienced traveler to offer helpful suggestions on making the most of your vacation. We hope you will enjoy your trip as much as we enjoy arranging it for you!



2017 Splash Water Sports Dive Trip Schedule

Splash Water Sports presents our 2017 Training and Fun Dive Trip Schedule.

Call us today at: (412) 531-5577 for details and to sign up!


June 3 – 10 Belize Aggressor IV Trip – SOLD OUT!!!

June 17-18 Summerville Lake

July 8-9 Annual Treasure Hunt at Gilboa Quarry, OH

July 29-30 Lake Erie Diving

August 18-20 North Carolina Shark and Wreck Diving Trip – Space is VERY  limited!

September 2-3 Lake Erie Diving

October 7-8 Annual Haunted Quarry at Gilboa Quarry, OH

November 23-26 Key Largo, FL


*All trips and dates are subject to change and availability.


Splash Water Sports Class Schedule

Splash Water Sports Class and Pool Schedule

Class schedule subject to change. For more information or to sign up call Splash at (412) 531-5577.

June 2017

6/10 & 11 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

6/17 – POOL – Open Water Diver and Intro to Scuba Classes

6/24 – POOL – Open Water Diver and Try A Scuba Classes

6/24 & 25 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

July 2017

7/3 – POOL – Open Water and Intro to Scuba Classes

7/7, 8 & 9 Splash Water Sports Treasure Hunt to benefit Make A Wish Foundation – OPEN WATER – Specialty of the Month Deep Dive + Advanced Open Water at GILBOA QUARRY, OH

7/8- POOL – Open Water Diver and Try A Scuba Classes

7/15 – POOL – Open Water and Intro to Scuba Classes

7/22 – POOL – Open Water Diver and Try A Scuba Classes

7/22 & 23 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

7/22 – POOL – Open Water and Intro to Scuba Classes

August 2017

8/5 & 6 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

8/19 & 20 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

September 2017

9/2 & 3 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

9/16 & 17 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

9/30 & 10/1 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

October 2017

10/7 & 8 Underwater Haunted Quarry & Pumpkin Carving – OPEN WATER “Specialty of the Month“ Deep Dive + Advanced Open Water at GILBOA QUARRY, OH

10/14 & 15 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving

10/28 & 29 – Quarry Training Dives and Just for Fun Diving


Why should I dive Enriched Air?

We here at Splash are regularly asked” Why should I dive Enriched Air?”.

PADI Enriched Air

Splash Water Sports talks about one it’s most asked student questions

First let’s explain what Enriched Air is. It’s basically the same Air that non-enriched Air is, but the Oxygen Blend is higher. The Air we all breathe every day is 21% Oxygen with the other 78% being Nitrogen. In the context of recreational diving, what Enriched Air does is it increases the Oxygen percentage up to no more than 40% (more reasons on that later).

Now, let’s talk about why we dive Enriched Air. Due to the lower Nitrogen percentage, when we dive with Enriched Air it reduces the amount of nitrogen absorbed into your body vs when you dive regular air. That means you get extended bottom times within recreational limits. When diving Air at 60 feet you have a No Decompression Limit of 60 minutes bottom time. With an Enriched air blend of 32%, your NDL at 60 feet would be 78 minutes. That’s a gain of 18 minutes bottom time! The added No Decompression Limit time also really benefits you if you are diving multiple days and also reduced fatigue from those same efforts. In addition for divers not at optimal fitness or perhaps growing older the increased safety of reducing nitrogen, and increasing available oxygen make for peace of mind.

At this point, you might be asking yourself “this seems easy, why I need a class to dive Enriched Air?”. While diving Enriched Air has its benefits, there are some dangers as well. When it comes to breathing a higher Oxygen percentage it reduces the maximum depth that we can breathe that gas. So it’s important to lean what those limitations are in order to keep you safe and diving another day. You also learn how to analyze you dive tank, as it’s up to you to know exactly what your Oxygen percentage is before you get into the water. Another important step in the process is how to program your computer with the correct O2 percentage so your NDL limit is correctly displayed.

So while yes there are benefits to diving with Enriched Air, it is by no means not a necessity. If you dive in the 30 – 60 foot range, most of the time your tank will run out before you run out of NDL time on both Air and Enriched Air. So our instructors at Splash are asked by someone if they should take the class, the answer they’ll give is that you shouldn’t unless you. But if you ask any of them if they dive Enriched Air, they will all say yes.

If you are interested in becoming a certified PADI Enriched Air Diver, you have a couple of options. The First is to sign up for the monthly Enriched Air Class available at Splash and involves classroom work that generally only lasts 1-2 hrs. with no dives required. Call the store at (412) 531-5577 for information. The Second option is you can sign up the PADI Enriched Air Diver Online E-Learning class here and start learning right away. Either way, we think you will be glad you did.

What to look for in your first Dive Mask.

We here at Splash Water Sports get a number of customers coming in looking to buy their first mask. Your mask is one of the most important, and personal, pieces of your scuba kit. It’s usually one of the first things you’ll buy.

There are so many mask options from sizes to material to brands like Oceanic and Aqualung to just name a few

, it can be overwhelming at first. So here some things to consider when buying your first mask…

1. This is the most important one, the big “C”, no not color – COMFORT. You want a mask that fits your face and your nose. Without putting the strap on, place the mask on your face and inhale through your nose, when you let go it should stay on your face.


A good Diving Mask makes all the difference.

There are different kinds of skirts – transparent, colored, silicone, plastic. This comes down to personal preference. Transparent is better for beginners as it lets more light in, Opaque dark will reduce glare, but some will consider it more claustrophobic. Silicone is more durable, flexible and if taken care of should last for years. Plastic is less expensive, but also less flexible and won’t last nearly as long.

In most case the strap can be changed out, but a neoprene strap/strap cover will be more comfortable than a plastic strap – especially if you have longer hair that can get tangled easily.

2. Lenses. Single Lens, Split Window, Frameless. There are many options and for the recreational diver it becomes more about personal taste. Different frame types can make a difference in airspace volume (see #3), field of vision and peripheral vision. Frame types also work better for different nose types, a Split Window mask will might have more room for your nose than a single lens mask. Sometimes it takes trying a few different masks before you find the one you can’t live without.

There are also corrective lenses for masks if you normally wear glasses.

3. I mentioned High Volume and Low Volume, what’s the difference? A High Volume mask will be more buoyant because it is further away from your face. A low volume mask is exactly that, it has less airspace between the mask and the face – so it’s much easier to purge any water out of it.

4. Speaking of purge – some masks come with a built in purge valve in the nose. This comes back around to personal taste, but there really is no solid benefit to having a purge valve in the mask.

When it comes to choosing your mask, the best suggestion would be to stop by Splash and take time, ask questions and try the different masks on – nothing make a dive more enjoyable than having equipment that you are comfortable.

North Carolina Wreck Diving 2017

Splash Water Sports North Caroline Wreck Diving 2017

August 18, 19, 20 Moorhead City, NC.

Dive Price: $400.00
($100 Deposit required, remainder
due by June 15, 2017)

Package Includes:
3 Days of 2 dives a day, at one or two locations, with bottom times
dictated by no-decompression limits.

A minimum of 20 logged dives. Advanced Open Water and  Enriched Air Certification required.

Package does not include: Travel, meals, beverages, hotels or gratuities.
Tanks and equipment are available for rent. 30% Enriched Air fills available $12-14 per fill.

Dive Lodge is available for those interested in staying there – $30/night/person (plus 12.75 % occupancy tax).

SPECIAL – Diving and Wreck Diver Specialty Combo Price: $500.00

*Sign up deadline is May 30th. 2017. Call Splash at (412) 531-5577 to sign up or for more info. Trip Insurance – HIGHLY recommended and available. NO Refund from Splash WS or Olympus Dive Center for any Monies paid.
Splash Water Sports

U-352 Dive Site

Splash Water Sports

North Carolina Sharks

See additional pictures from our last trip in the North Carolina 2012 Photo Gallery.