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North Carolina Wreck Diving 2017

Splash Water Sports North Caroline Wreck Diving 2017

August 18, 19, 20 Moorhead City, NC.

Dive Price: $400.00
($100 Deposit required, remainder
due by June 15, 2017)

Package Includes:
3 Days of 2 dives a day, at one or two locations, with bottom times
dictated by no-decompression limits.

A minimum of 20 logged dives. Advanced Open Water and  Enriched Air Certification required.

Package does not include: Travel, meals, beverages, hotels or gratuities.
Tanks and equipment are available for rent. 30% Enriched Air fills available $12-14 per fill.

Dive Lodge is available for those interested in staying there – $30/night/person (plus 12.75 % occupancy tax).

SPECIAL – Diving and Wreck Diver Specialty Combo Price: $500.00

*Sign up deadline is May 30th. 2017. Call Splash at (412) 531-5577 to sign up or for more info. Trip Insurance – HIGHLY recommended and available. NO Refund from Splash WS or Olympus Dive Center for any Monies paid.
Splash Water Sports

U-352 Dive Site

Splash Water Sports

North Carolina Sharks

See additional pictures from our last trip in the North Carolina 2012 Photo Gallery.