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Whether you are a PADI Open Water Diver or interested in becoming one… We’ve put together of some of the more common questions we hear at Splash Water Sports.


1.            What does the PADI open water certification consist of ? 


A: There are five classroom and five pool sessions, followed by four open water dives. The class and pool occur in 3 sessions and the open water occur over two days either locally or while on vacation with a referral.


2.            Where do you teach the classes? 


A: Classrooms are in the Splash Water Sports Store at 2905 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216


3.            Do you have a pool at the store?


A: No, depending on the season we use either a local indoor poll at Keystone High School or Dormont Outdoor Pool.


4.            What if I cant swim?


A: You need to be comfortable in the water and have minimal swimming skills there is a swim test, you have an option to use mask and fins.


5.            How old do you have to be?


A: Minimum age is 10 yrs. Old. From 10 -15 years of age you must dive with an adult.


6.            How much are open water classes?


A: Cost for class and pool is $399, you need to supply your own Mask fins and snorkel. Student packages are available.


7.            How long is my certification good for?


A: It is good for life, it never expires.


8.            How long does it take to get certified? 


A: Class and pool work generally take a commitment of three weekends and open water one.


9.            Do I have to dive each year to stay certified?


A: No, but if you do not  dive for 2 years an refresher is recommended.


10.         Where do you dive in Pittsburgh?


A: Splash Water Sports dives in a local quarry set aside just for diving, as well as regional lakes and the great lakes.



11.         Do you offer private classes?


A: Yes, we can accommodate any size private group you might need.


12.         How big is a non-private class?


A: It varies from 2-10 in general.


13.         What is the difference in PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water?


A: PADI Advanced Open Water is a continuation of the things you learned in PADI Open Water calss. One of the biggest difference is the depth limitation is greater with advanced, as well as more dive sites being available to advanced divers when traveling.


14.         Do you see anything in the quarry?


A:Yes, there are fish and various exhibits, as well as training platforms.


15.         How cold is the water?


A: It varies in the 50-60f range fall and spring, and 60-70’s  range in the summer.


16.         If I want to dive with Splash just for fun can I?


A: Yes, you are welcome on any of our training weekends to accompany us for fun and practice.


17.         What if I get cold real easy?


A: One option is to do your training dives while on vacation in a warmer climate, but the thermal protection we use is quite effective.


18.         Do I need to buy my own equipment to start diving?


A: No all equipment is supplied during training class except for mask and fins, for open water everything is for rent.


19.         What classes can I take in winter?


A: Splash continues to teach the Classroom and Poos section of the PADI Open Water course all year long, we just can’t go to the quarry (but other options to finish the certification are available). Plus, several non diving classes are available such as Nitrox, Emergency First Responder, and Photography to name a few.


20.         What is a specialty class?


A: Specialty classes provide in depth training in specific areas of interest such as deep, night, photo, search and recovery, nitrox, wreck, and about twenty others.

21.         Does Splash hold any events where I can meet other divers?


A: Yes we have several annual events and sponsor travel as well.


22.         How long does a tank last?


A: Depending on depth 30-60 min. generally.


23.         Do you dive in the river?


A: In general no that is for trained individuals.


24.         Do you see sharks and do they concern you​?


A: Yes we see them and no they are generally not a concern they are fun to watch and a good photo-op.


25.         What is your favorite place to dive?


A: There are many places it depends on your tastes, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida or the Pacific. We can make recommendations on many locations from our own experiences.


26.         How much does gear cost?


A student package can be had for as little as $1200


27.         Why do we get it from Splash instead of the Internet?


A: There are many the ability to check fit being a major one, as well as warranty and service work availability.


28.         How do you clear your ears?


A: There are several techniques the main one being to pinch the nose and gently blow. You should feel a push in the ears.



29.         What kind of insurance do I need?


A: None is required but we recommend DAN dive insurance which provides benefits specific to dive injuries.


30.         If diving isn’t dangerous why is there a rescue class?


A: Nothing is without some risk so rescue class prepares you for those eventualities and makes you a better diver and partner. However the accident rate in diving is so low that you are safer doing it than traveling to it.


31.         What happens if I am sick and can’t come to class?


A: Splash Water Sports classes rotate so you can always pick it up on the next cycle we call it flex time.


32.         Is there a way to try diving before I sign up?


A: Yes we have Try and Intro to Diving sessions twice a month please contact the store for information.


33.         What do I need to do to go on one of your trips?


A: Just call us we will explain everything.


34.         What brands do you sell?


A”: Our lead lines are Aqualung, Henderson, Oceanic, Hollis, Sherwood, DUI drysuits, but there are many others over a full spectrum of dive needs.


35.         What brands do you service?


A: We service what we sell, but do service some associated lines check with us.


36.         What kind of work does your service dept. do?


A: We do full servicing of the equipment we sell as well as tank inspection, and repair of associated lines.


37.         Does your store fill tanks?


A: Yes both air fills and mixed gases.


38.         Do you offer advanced diving courses such as Tec Diver?


A: Yes we offer everything from PADI Open Water, to PADI Advanced Open Water and onward to PADI Divemaster, PADI Open Water Instructor, and the various specialties. This includes technical diving and it’s many branches.