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Project AWARE

Discover Local Diving

Discover Local Diving is a supervised underwater tour designed to orient you to unfamiliar aquatic conditions and environments. It may also be used to reintroduce you to the open water environment after a period of diving inactivity. You may choose to discover new aspects of a dive site close to home or get an orientation to the local area while on a diving vacation.

The guidance provided by PADI Members allows you to comfortably explore different underwater environments, find items of interest, and avoid potential hazards. If you have been inactive, you will find that the Scuba Review program combined with Discover Local Diving is just what you need to get back in the water!

The PADI Discover Local Diving experience consists of a site orientation, dive briefing and guided tour provided by a PADI Divemaster, PADI Assistant Instructor, or PADI Instructor. Discover Local Diving will allow you to visit new dive sites or reexplore familiar sites. Discover Local Diving will introduce you to environments with differing characteristics including:

  • Physical properties (temperature, water movement, salinity, ambient and visibility)
  • Bio-geography (coral and kelp ecosystems, sandy bottoms, etc.)
  • Topography (walls, submarine canyons, pinnacles, etc.)
  • Artificial aquatic structures (piers, wrecks, large aquariums, etc.)

You must be a PADI certified diver to participate in the Discover Local Diving experience.

For more information or to arrange for your PADI Discover Local Diving experience, contact Splash Water Sports today!!