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Dick Jones talks about the return of the 50 Below Club

What is a dive club for in this day and age. Is it still relevant? For many of the long time divers in the Splash Water Sports family, the 50 Below Club was our central focus for diving activities. The club provided a venue to meet other divers, see and discuss dive destinations, and plan local activities.

Many of us made lifelong friends at 50 Below, some still dive with Splash some are just friends. When you are at 50 below you aren’t a doctor, plumber, or old retired guy, you are a diver with knowledge and experiences to share. There is usually someone in the room who has been where you have questions about, or just answers to your questions, on diving.

At a club meeting you are getting information from real people not anonymous sources on the internet. So come on back to the 50 Below you past participants and welcome to new ones.

I will be doing a presentation on Jeff Mazzetti and My live-aboard on Lost Island Voyages in the Bahamas, and our resent trip to Bonaire. Had I known I would be doing this I would have been more careful about remembering all the parts for my cameras, but we will do our best.

On lost Island we spent 10 days sailing on a live-aboard to parts of the Bahamas rarely seen, hence the name. Many of the dive sites were not in sight of land, and most not in sight of inhabited land. Our captain knew places to dive that only he had markers on it was very interesting and brought back a sense of adventure I hadn’t felt in a while.

We did 3-4 dives a day and several night dives. On Bonaire we stayed at an different resort the Divi, which despite its name is based out of Charlotte NC. The diving was great, with many of the group doing their shore diving from trucks in the afternoon as well as the boat dives. It was a great group of people and a wonderful trip. Look forward to sharing it with you, Dick Jones.



Splash Water Sports first 50 Below meeting of 2017.


Rockefeller’s Grille – Banquet Room

1831 McKees Rocks Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


When:  Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – 7pm if want to get there prior to the show to order some Dinner, 8pm – Showtime!!


For more details call Splash Water Sports at 412-531-5577 or email us at



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